Well it has been some time since I have updated ye old blogg so here goes a coffee induced attempt to let you know what has been going on.

After months of playing LotRO and really loving it I hit the MMORPG brick wall.  Ealdor was 50, Kilii is 45 and there was no way left to do anything solo.  The only thing left was grind for rep, which I had managed to get the highest rep for the dwarfs only to find nothing new opened up, or grind for traits and titles.  As much as I love the game the “fun” aspect had worn off.

So, one weekend while sort of bored and down and out I picked up wow again just to see how it felt to play again.  To be honest I messed around with a geek project to play on a private server at home.  It was then that I realized that even though I left a 70 hunter, a 48 pally, and a 50 mage behind in the past, even deleted them, that I still had not seen nearly 1/16th of the content that the World of Warcraft has in it.

So, after taking a drive to town with Tan I popped the question.  “What do you think if we try playing wow again hun?”  At first she was not to interested in it, but when we talked about the fact we where loosing the “fun” aspect of LotRO she agreed.   That night we rolled new characters on The Scryers, a west coast RP realm.  It was fun again, and as it turns out some of our kinship members in LotRO where feeling the same way as we where and they moved back to wow as well.

We where having fun again.  But something was missing.  Those characters that I spent a lot of time leveling.  The ones that when I left wow to never come back I had striped of all items, sold to a vendor and given the gold to our remaining guild members.  The same ones I deleted where gone.  I took a stab in the dark and sent an email to blizzard seeing if it where possible to undelete them.  Now mind you this has been several months.  I figured I would get a reply that said no and would just level my new version of Valimonde, my paladin that I rolled after BC came out.  What I got instead was a reply that they have been restored, however any gear that they had in the past and did not currently have on them during the state of deletion could not be recovered.  I was very excited.

I transferred them over to our new home and have been busy leveling my main, Valimonde, 48 when he arrived on The Scryers, naked with no armor or weapon, and only his mount and hearthstone to his name.  I managed to level him up and get him through the portal into outland where he has been able to shine.  Hes now 54, nearly 55 and decked out in some great gear.  He has 3 armor sets to chose from now, its that insane out here.

Early on we formed Redeemed on this new realm and have made some WONDERFUL new friends.  In do time I hope that we are able together to hit some of the great content having a ball on Vent as we do, but keeping real life in perspective.

So, I still own a lifetime sub to LotRO, and I hope that with a major expansion to go back, but for now it looks like World of Warcrack, I mean craft *smile*  is where I will find time spent with good friends and fun times.

*A side note for a good friend*

Mouse, we miss you and can not wait for your arrival.  We are praying for you and support you.  The door to home is open and a bowl of soup is on the table.