Ok, so last night I’m mulling over in my head gear for Wunderkind.  I discovered the weighted filter search on wowhead a while ago but never really dove into it until now.

I have taken the preset filter for Holy/Disp priests and modified it some.  Right now my weights look like this.

WoWhead Weighted Filter

My thinking for these figures goes as such.  Stam is important when in PvP.  The more health you have the longer you can stay alive.  So I put that weight at 75.  For a caster class a large mana pool, plus the crit chance from Int is important.  This is why I put Int at the same weight as Stam.

Being a healer I wanted to mana regen and healing to be somewhat equal.  I will probably revisit this thought as in a BG mana regen is often done after you die.  But, if one tries to stay alive as long as possible then running out of mana could be a quick trip to the Spirit Healer.

Link to Filter: https://www.wowhead.com/?items=4.1&filter=sl=10;minrl=10;maxrl=19;ub=5;wt=22:23:24:50:49;wtv=75:75:50:50:20

To use the filter on other items simply chose from the Menu up top from Hands to another item. I’m going to me playing with the settings to see if Wunderkind has the best gear I can get for her, on cheap.

If you have any suggestions on the weight for the list, or would like to post your own weighted list please feel free to drop it in the comments section.