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Well, its pre expansion time.  And I’m experiencing the same thing I did before BC came out.  Bored stiff.  I know their are lots of things one can do, but I have chosen to work on twinking out a clothie.  Introducing, Wunderkind.  Wunder here is a priest that for the time being I will concentrate on having so much plus heal that she will be nearly unstoppable.

What is a twink you might ask?  According to wowwiki.com;

Twinks are player characters who exploit the gearing system by equipping themselves with many gears and high-end enchantments that are not feasibly obtainable at their level.

So starting with some research online I have started to put together a list of armor, and enchants that I want for Wunder to have here.  The biggest issue with doing this is it helps to have a high level toon, preferably on another account so you can run your lower level toon through instances.  This is where Paravel comes in, but more about that later.  For now Wunder is level 14.  I have my list made which you can see here.

Wunderkind of Misha, Chardev.org

Full list after the break

Head: [item]Lucky Fishing Hat[/item] - Im not going to bother enchanting this.
Neck: [item]20444[/item]
Shoulder: [item]10657[/item]
Back: [item]6667[/item] - Enchant +70 Armor - Quest reward of Gerenzo Wrenchwhistle Lvl 16
Chest: [item]5202[/item] - Enchant +100 Health
Wrist: [item]14148[/item] - Enchant +24 Healing, +8 Spell Damage
Hands: [item]12977[/item] - Enchant +30 Healing and +10 Spell Damage
Waist: [item]11936[/item] - Quest reward of
The Absent Minded Prospector Lv 15
Legs: [item]4316[/item] - Enchant +66 Healing, +22 Spell Damage and +20 Stam [item]24276[/item]
Feet: [item]19969[/item] - Enchant Speed and +9 Stam. Boar’s Speed
Weapon: [item]20434[/item] - Enchant +55 Healing, +19 Spell Damage
Wand: [item]7001[/item] - Quest reward from Blackfathom Villainy Lvl 18

At this point I tried to save some gold and go for items I can farm myself or get from a quest reward, versus checking the Auction House every day for a world drop.

Her health should be 4751 unbuffed with 5010 Mana.  And the best part, I hope, is her healing bonus is 181.

Now my task is to focus on one item at a time and head in to get it.  I will post on each of the items as we go.  So first.

Magefist Gloves - I admit I found this item on the AH for a good price.  Its sitting in my bank alts bank waiting for Wunder to hit level.  My advice is always check the AH for the items that may be sold very cheap.  Also make sure to make a list of your enchant mats you will need.  *reminds himself to do just that*  This way you can grab the mats as you see them and have them ready for your local enchanter to work on.

Leave feedback if you have any sugestions on what gear/enchants Wunderkind should have.