The beta giveth and the beta taketh away.

Resto Druid Changes

8962 hit the beta servers today and some things changed.

First, all the going on and on about Flourish, now called Wild growth has been touched. You know that supper awesome aoe heal they gave us that would heal 2212 over 7 seconds! Well now it will only heal 469 over 7 seconds. Its not 2K heal but it is still usable.

Pha, over at Resto4Life seems to think that this may get turned down by most resto’s come live time.  And she just might be right considering its overall output to mana cost is now not worth the effort for some situations.

Mounts, Mounts, Mounts!

So I log in and what do I find in Stormwind?  This!

A Woolly Mammoth Mount!  Apparently it cost like 15000 gold from some guy that was swamped by players in Dalaran.  I think Ill pass, but wow it looks cool!

If you thought the engineer  helicopters where a noise problem, wait until you hear all the motorcyles.  Yep, choper mounts.  And they are 2 seaters!  The best news is they are crafted by an engineer, BUT you do not need to be an engineer to use them.