It’s official.  Apparently Blizz last night allowed WoWhead to post this new shiny front page.  More news has come down the pipe as the release of the Collectors Edition has also been released.  And there was much rejoicing in the streets!

What does all this mean?  It means that Warhammer has some competition.  I have to admit that the pre-expansion blues have set in, and set in hard.  Before Burning Crusade was released many players became disinterested in the game.  Their was not much of a point in pushing for gear or raiding because new content was coming out.  And in hind site we were right.  No one runs the old raid content anymore with the occasional “nostalgia” runs for old time sake.  During the wait for the expansion stage servers became ghost towns.

Now with WotLK on its way you can see the same effect on the live servers.  I have stoped raiding, partialy due to moving realms and other issues but largely because I do not want to get deeper into SSC or BT right now with so much new on the horizon.  I have started to make plans for new things like new professions, instances, specs.  I cant WAIT to take Paravel into an instance or raid and heal.  The new healing tools druids have look amazing!!!  But the beta servers are so laggy I cant test them :(  Soon!

So now we have just a around two months to get ready.  And I’m glad.  With the next content patch on the PTR’s we will get a jump start on some of the new features of the game.

Its time to play ladies and gentleman! (it’s also time for me to finish development on a new drupal based guild/casual raiding site *smile*)

Oh, and did I mention Collectors Edition? *smile*