Its been a while, but the fun in the game we love to play is back.

Tanya’s mage hit 70.  I grabed this screen shot and made a wallpaper


Let me know if you would like the wallpaper.

And the Scourge invasion was in full swing.  I hopped on Val and was able to get revered with the Argent Dawn and get a tabbard.  Great time indeed.

Valimonde of the Argent Dawn

Great time indeed.  Now all is left is to rais the funds to move, Para, Val, and Tanya’s mage to The Scryers to begin our new journey with Thought and Memory

Looking forward to the expantion.  But for now. . Sleep time.  Then. . a hard day ahead.. But all will be well. Link to heading

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Testing comments. :) Link to heading

Mike - Oct 2, 2008

Testing comments. :)