Well we will be getting WoW 3 tomorrow.  One thing I am doing, beside a lot of design work and such not related to wow, is updating and getting ready for the patch.

I am a veteran of a couple of major UI/API changes and know how hard the switch for some will be when they log in tomorrow and find that most of the addons they use are broken.  I hope to help at least aim you in the right direction to make this transition go a little smoother.

First download and install WoWMatrix.  This little gem will search out updates for you.  So instead of having to scour over endless web pages trying to locate the latest version of your mod, you just hit a button and it does it for you.  And NO, WoWMatrix is NOT an addon, nor does it run in game despite what I heard on a podcast a few weeks ago.

WoWMatrix is safe.  The author has even taken an extra step now to provide fuller description and a link to the mods webpage for you to check a certain mod if you have questions about it being safe or not.

I also suggest you keep WoWMatrix set to launch wow, and keep wow set to launch the launcher.  This will provide a litle more security for those afraid of getting haxed.

Some of the mods that you currently use now might be going away or have not had any public announcement as to availability come Tuesday.  I will be giving some tips and suggestions as I dig through my mods right this very minute.


Threat Meter
I am a big fan of Omen.  Some balk at it but frankly it was one of the more accurate meters and gauging your threat against the rest of the group.  If you are the tank, you want to be on top. If you are a mage, you don’t, or you will. . yea. . eat floor.

WoW 3 now has a built in threat system at our disposal.  The wonderful news about this is we now have access to server driven data instead of a guess using math and damage.  Omen and its brethren could not be 100% accurate because they where guessing at how hard you where hitting related to the guy next to you.  Now that guess work has been removed with the server feeding the client the data in real time.

No official news has been posted, or found, about Omen working with the new system.  It would be silly to use an old threat meter that does not take advantage of this.  So for now

ZThreatMeter will be in my mod’s directory.  It ties in with the new system and gives you just what you need.  I hope. . Testing will begin tomorrow.

Map Mods

I am currently using Cartographer 3. It has a very nice fluid approach to navigation and exploration.  At this point I am not sure if it will be ready for tomorrow but I will test on the beta.


The heavy wight champion of the world Auctioneer Advanced is in full swing and should be ready for release in the morning.

Bag Mod

Bagnon is a all in one bag that is up to date and already running on the Beta.

And much more.  Barmods: Bartender 4 is ready.  Unit frames.  Xperl is good to go and has been for some time.  All and all it looks like things might be ok.

If you have a mod you are curious about leave a comment and I’ll look into it.  And while your at it, try out my art pack I made for the Sunn Art view mod.  Paravel Theme Pack