I’ts Monday.  Enough said.

I spent most of last night reading forums, reviewing WoWjutsu, and checking realm list creation dates and data center data locations in an attempt to try and find a place to call home for the expansion.  I tell you, its not easy.

Here is my delima, and please excuse any rambling as it has been a rambling weekend.  I am currently playing my main, Paravel, on the PvE Misha US server.  Tanya and I came to Misha after leaving Earthern Ring.  The reasons we left ER are not really important, but the size and age of ER was a factor in our departure.

We found ourselves on Misha because we had just been introduced to some local people through Todd, the former pastor at Cooper Ave Baptist Church in Yuba City.  Todd and I hooked up when he first moved into our area.  When I resigned First Baptist Live Oak we gravitated to Cooper.  (See, I’m rambling)  Back to Misha.

While Todd was pastor at Cooper he found out one of the members and her husband played wow.  So they hooked up.  At the time I was involved in raiding with a great raiding group on ER in the SaSu raiding alliance.  Todd knew that the husband was struggling with raiding and guilds on Misha and possibly looking for a place to transfer.  His joining us was not to be.  As fate would have it we left ER and went to Misha mainly they where there.  It turns out that Tanya and Michelle knew each other from when they where youth growing up in the same area.

I transferred Paravel over hoping to get a chance to raid.  However Misha has turned out to be . . well.  Let’s just say that trade channel is like sitting at my youngest daughters school cafeteria over hearing the 7th and 8th graders talk about things that are. . . yea, you get the point.  The server is very closed to outsiders.

I started my wow career on an RP server and have always enjoyed the more mature atmosphere.  I am not saying that RP servers are clear of morons, jerks, whiners and such. Oh contraire, sometimes you will run into an almost even more bazaar group on RP servers that I will best leave out details.  But Misha was slowly eating me away from the inside out with the imature ‘pew pew I pwn all’ and LFG in trade channel.  Oh don’t get me started about that.

After 3 months on Misha I still only know the couple, and one of their friends.  Unable to break into a guild, or even many pugs It has become a lonely and pointless place.  Small projects have kept me interested and playing.  The beta on the horizon, ramping up for Achievements that will hit tomorrow, exploring, working on the concept for WeHatePugs (which needs more work and is not getting much attention) but my chosen and loved form of entertainment is empty right now.

I am very exited about the expansion, but I do not wish to level alone, nor when done leveling sit in one spot collecting mold.  I have been bit my the radio active bug of raiding and enjoy the chellenge and excitment of that OH CRAP moment of seeing new content or boss for the first time.  I am a champion of the “Casually Hardcore” player.  It should not be a job, but fun.  So what are my options?  What do I do?

Here is where I would love input from my readers, if I have any :P

I have contacted a few of my old friends on The Scryers, a PST RP server that used to be my home. 

  • PST server time.  Would make it easier to schedule runs and play times with people.

  • I already know people on the server.

  • Option to restart Redeemed or Join the group in Amateur Hour

  • Restarting Redeemed is atractive, but do I want to be a GM again?  At the same time I allready put a theme together for the website?  *sigh*  Im a leader, one thing I can not deny.


  • Even though Scryers is a PST timezone the server is located in a Boston datacenter.  I have been experiencing horrific lag and latency that once I enter end game could be disatorous as a healer.

  • Feeling that if I join my friends then find a group to run with that a potential of leaving them out will arise.

Finding a new server home.  I’d prefer an RP server for the above mentioned reasons.  However in my research most of the RP servers that are on the Los Angeles or Seattle datacenters and PST are some of the original servers that launched with wow.


  • A well established player base.

  • Possibility of finding patterns and items on the AH due to the mass amount of activity.

  • One would hope a economy that is not nutz.


  • A well established player base.  (I know I listed that in the pros)  With such a large and established base it can be hard to break into a group or strangely enough meet people.  AND you can and will run into some old stereotypes as I did on ER where if you where not a “Warrior” tank you could not tank anything.  A toss back from old school class mechanics that go far back to pre BC but is still prevalent in the minds of many that have been in raiding guilds for a long time.

And ontop of all this do I want to join a “raiding guild”, or try to foster a new concept and push alliances.  After all, WeHatePugs is about giving people the tools to do just that?

So what to do?  I am not sure yet.  I do not mind moving, but transferring at the moment is not possible due to financial situations. But in time all will work out.

Any thoughts?