Our friend over at MMeOw took to heart a conversation that began over at LotRO Follower’s blog.  What a great couple of weeks it has been for the community!

They have put together a wonderful RSS feed that takes all the LotRO blogs and puts them in one great big tube.  It’s easier than ever to find a new blog about your favorite MMO.

As we see more and more players heading to Lord of the Rings Online due to burn out from other games, we will see them looking for 3rd party sources of information and tools.  Many, especially from the WoW universe are accustom to a hefty number of sights and tools to keep them busy while at work, school, not in game.

Providing a central location for news gathering will only help foster a community of players that in the end will help promote the game.

For the community’s part, lets hear from you about what tools you would love to see added to the community.