5586803_a62eb6cc31_o Book 7 has come out.  And the QQing has begun in force.  Normally I try to let it all go, I do, no really, someone tell my wife to stop laughing at that statement.  But after reading several things like this on the official forums and in game:

  • Turbine sucks
  • If the programmers where not so lazy
  • book7=nerfbat
  • book7=fail
  • My heart seeker does 500 damage O.o

On and on the whining has begun.  Most of it comes from people who honestly troll forums and want nothing more than to be heard.

It is always nice however when you hear something like this in your global lff channel (what, your server does not have a global lff?  Start one *wink* )

“Do the pay you to whine and moan XXXXXXX?  Just suck it up and learn how to play the game the way it is now.”

Lets all try to remember a few things when we start to complain about something that book 7 did to your precious class.

1. Bugs happen.  If you remember some where whining about how long it took for new content to come out.  I am sure Turbine was doing the best they could to deliver, while trying to please everyone.  Not an easy job.

2. You are a player, many of the loud complainers do not know what it is like to run or work at a game company.  Even more to the point, you do not have the “Big picture” or the future of the franchise at heart.  It is not one person who says, “Hmm, lets completely screw up hunters this time around so we can hear them complain for months.  That will make my life happy.”  Remember, the staff at Turbine has a lot of things to balance and juggle at a time.  Give them some credit.

3. Moaning and crying only makes you look like a spoiled brat.  It’s as if you want the world catered to you on a silver platter.  Well, its not, simple learn to work with what you have.  And sure, if there are some oversights, and I’m sure that we will find them, then bring that up in a constructive way.  Saying “Turbine sucks” is not constructive.

4.  Future proof.  The changed where made to DPS across the board, players and NPC’s.  Reasons stated was to help balance things out for the future.  I agree completely that this needs to be in check now.  If not you will get the same issues that are in WoW right now after the release of WotLK.  With just 10 levels added after Wrath came out the difference in a non epiced out player from 70 to 80 is grossly overpowered hardly leaving any room for expansion.  With the next xpack to wow one could conceive the players being so ubber that all they have to do is stand next to a mob and fart to kill it.

“you critted boar for 245,453 noxious damage”

So, in the end, Book 7 has provided us with some new content, fixes and tweaks to the overall world to help in expansion in the future, and some great questing features.

So keep the noise down in the back seat.  Don’t act like you are 6 or we will pull this thing over. I mean it.