I am very excited to share the announcement that Sapience made yesterday.  The fan site and kinship web community has been waiting for over 2 years for tools to include on our own web sites that would allow us to display and link to official data on the lorebook.  Well the wait is over!

Fan sites can now include mouse over tooltips like this:

If you mouse over the icon you will see a pop up of the item with stats.

It is very simple to add this functionality to your very own site or forums.  Simply insert the following code into your htlm or php.  I would suggest putting it in the footer in order to keep any slow downs from accessing the lorebook from slowing your site down.

That code will turn any link to the lorebook into the rollover image.


Formatting issues.  As you can see from the tooltip on UTB we have some formatting issues.  The sides are being pushed out and repeated.  It is more than likely a CSS issue with the end users templates.  Turbine should be able to resolve this by using unique names for the css elements within the tooltip java code.

Incorrect data.

The Lorebook is still filled with incorrect data.  For example, the Robe of Deep Lore above is not giving the correct stats as to what is in game.  See below.

robeofdeeplore2  robeofdeeplore

The left is from the lorebook, the right is a screenshot from in game.  Lorebook is missing the armor value and shows a few inconsistency on stats.

Personally I hold out hope that with the new toolset that this data will be fixed.  This is a great start and a very welcome inclusion for lotro web masters.