I am a HUGE fan of user created art, both still and of the machinima variety.  Coming back to LotRO from WOW one thing that has eluded my appetite is the amount of great movies made by the LotRO user base.  You see, in WoW, the community cranking out wonderful videos is amazing.  One could argue that it is due to the size of the user base.  So when a wonderful video comes down the pipeline I share it as quick as I can.

This morning I discovered this gem, “Order of Middle Earth”.  Coramaiir on the Brandywine put this together for his Kin.  He did a fantastic job of composition, and music.  Job well done.

You can watch the video here, but I highly recommend clicking the the full page link to see it in HD.  Its worth it.

Order of Middle Earth from Roon3808 on Vimeo.