Sorry guys, looks like a legacy bug that allows wardens lock agro tight will be fixed with the release of book 8.  Here is the news right from Graalx2.

This is just a heads up that we found some issues with this legacy. It is adding much more threat than it is supposed to, especially at high ranks. This is going to be corrected in Book 8. As a result all Warden legendary items will get a refund on their legacy points spent allowing you to allocate them again any way you see fit. (its easier for us to reset everyone rather than just the affected weapons).

Sorry about this problem. I was told several times by multiple people that the legacy was too good, but I my tests were only at low ranks where the problem was not apparent. The days of auto-locking aggro from multiple l33t hunters in strength stance are over.

Personally I hope that this does not hurt wardens as a viable tank.  Groups do need to learn how to play with a proactive tank as compared to a reactive.  Best of luck my spear wielding friends.