Anti-Exploit, you know, the floating question marks above a mobs head when it cant find a path to you?  Seems to be happening alot since more often since the release of book 7.  Just the other night a fellowship made up of my wife and I where questing in Evendim and it was rather frustrating.  Nearly every mob would bug out.

So tonight LotRO Team member Dingorfin shed some rather intresting news on the subject.

It seems that if you get wet, or enter water something happens to your character that causes the mobs to bug.  Perhaps they are afraid of water?  Who knows.

I know it sounds odd, but if you have the problem follow Dingorfin’s advice.

To reiterate for everyone - you only have to have entered water during your current play session, even once, in order to trigger this issue. If you’re encountering excessive AE, try logging out and logging right back in (not while in water) as that may very well improve the situation.

So, no more baths for a while, or at least until Turbine figures out what data flag is causing the mobs to think you are out of reach and in water.