I awoke this morning to the news that one of my kinmates, a wonderful guy that I personally did not have enough time to get to know, passed away this morning at 1:30 AM Eastern Time.

Iridar (Robert Ward)  was a member of The Old Timers Guild, a large multi game guild with a large presence in LotRO.  Iri became sick a few weeks ago which led him to an extended hospital stay where it was discovered to be cancer.  After diagnosis and treatment things looked like they where turning for the better.  Iri even had a chance to post on the OTG forums.   That night however he suffered a heart attack. He was found with no pulse and unresponsive.  This morning they removed life support.

Please be in prayer for Iri’s family, he leaves behind his wife, Catiana (Cathrine) also a member of OTG’s LotRO chapter, and children. He will be missed.

OTG will be holding an event and more details will come forth with information about support.

(Please leave well wishes on the main LotRO forum or here)

UPDATE: For all OTG members.  The emote of the month has been changed to /mourn to remember our friend.