Anyone who has recently played Freepside in the Ettenmoors knows how annoying it is to get hit with stackable, non-curable D.O.T. (Damage-Over-Time). You get in the heat of battle, and all of a sudden four or five Uruk Blackarrows target you at once. Not even the best minstrel on the server can heal you fast enough, so your death is quick. You are left on the sidelines, praying for a rez while your raid group retreats.

Well Freeps, it will soon be safe to come out of hiding. One of the changes projected for Book 8, which comes out in June, is that these D.O.T.s will be curable. Hooray! This should return some much-needed balance to the Moors. So stock up on wound pots and get ready for some Creep-killing in June!