Holy cow.  One blog posts a link to screen shots with a survey and half the blog world related to MMO’s and LotRO lose all credibility in regards to reporting and checking facts.

A point of clarity from Sapiance

*Grabs the E-Brake*

Not so fast! Our market research team asks a lot of questions via surveys. While it’s kind of fun to guess about what this surveys mean, the content of the survey doesn’t reflect our actual plans. Survey information gets fed into the big old planning machine here and helps inform future decisions on any number of subjects.

Will there ever be a version of LOTRO for the console?
Magic eight ball says: Future Hazy.

I wont even go into the many many issues with putting a complex UI that LotRO has into a console, so let’s just all sit back, take a breath and stop with the rumor mill bait.

Thanks :P