It’s always fun or fail when someone the age of the answer to Life, Universe and Everything tries to use netspeak/meemespeak in a title.  But let’s talk about talent!

Blizzard released a new version of the Cataclysm beta this week introducing the new 31 point talent system.  The system streamlines our choices with some major features.

The first thing you will notice is that, well, you only have 41 points total now to spend on your spec.  This is a change from the current 71 points.  O.o  That is. . . .brilliant.  No more spending hours looking at your talent sheet wondering if you need to spend a point in aspect of the useless.  The devs wanted to remove a lot of the redundant or useless skills that can be folded into a passive or specialization talent (I will discuses the new specialization system later, once I wrap my head fully around it.  Sort of hard since I don’t have Beta access :(  )

Another new feature includes having to chose at level 10 what tree you plan on using.  As it stands right now on live you can start putting points in any tree of the talent page.  So for example you could put 1 point in Prot, 1 in Holy and 1 in Ret as a pally.  This more than often creates a build that is. . lets just say. . less than effective.

cm1 cm2 cm3

The new system forces you to chose.  So if I chose to level protection I would chose the protection option.  The nice thing is a new graphic will show you the key features for each choice you make.  After choosing which tree to specialize in you begin putting points into that tree.  The points will come now every other level instead of the 1 per level we currently have.


This is just the first view of the new system and subject to change as the beta moves forward.  Do not take any of these trees as gospel, yet.

I have set up a Google Wave with some of the new builds.  Google Wave allows us to edit and add to a living document showing some awesome user created builds to kick around.  If you would like to participate in the wave just ask [email protected] for an invite.  I have to do it this way until we figure out how to open the wave up for people to simply join.

Check out the talent calculator at  Just be sure to not spend over 41 points.  I did this the first time and thought my combat spec rogue was VERY OP, lol.


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