I am still working on a way to put down how I think the RealID on Official forums debacle thing played out.  Some will know that I was in favor of the “idea” of the system and even went so far to post comments on fellow bloggers blogs.

My biggest concern, and remaining nagging feeling, is the signal to noise ratio of the debate, or rather, scream fest.  I still firmly believe that the baby has in fact been tossed out with the bath water and that as a community of social beings we still have a lot to learn about the “bigger picture.”

But it will be some time before I can honestly put down all my thoughts on this subject.  Instead allow me to link a few great posts that have allready been made on the subject.

First be sure to head on over to The Instance Podcast and listen to Scott and Randy discuss the issue on the topic.

The Instance #196 – The Rage! It Burns Us, Precious!

Leafshine: Lust for Flower
Adam over at Leafshine has a great post about the subject.

RealID, Social Theory and Blizzard’s Community Problems

I will continue to add posts and content with good material.  WARNING, I going to do my best to not post whine or QQ fests.  We need more than anything good open conversation on the subject.