This is late in coming but I want to welcome back Big Red Kitty to WoW.  We missed you but are VERY glad things are working out.

But I have a BONE to pick!  I was all happy and fine with letting my hunter sit. . I leveled him all the way to 80 and he was my main toon for years until I retired him.  Between falling in love with other classes (Prot Pally and Resto Druid) I retired him. . And was HAPPY.

Enter Cata. . I was all set to re-roll my lock as a worgen and you go and start posting all these videos of the hunter and I’m like. . GRRRR BRK!!!!!

Now I am wanting to re-roll a hunter.


Thanks Daniel. . look for a new hunter come opening.
Everyone check out BRK’s Youtube feed and his blog!  He is back!