Looking for something to keep you busy while you wait for the flaming dragon to give us more content?  Well why not head up to Stratholm dead side and farm for Baron Rivendare’s Deathcharger mount?  This mount is the only skeletal mount available for alliance players, and a very snazzy looking one for both factions to own.

To get the mount you need to run the dead side of Strath, take out the 3 Ziggerat bosses, the NPC’s inside of each, kill the Aboms outside the Baron’s hideout, kill one really big Abom, some skellies and then the Baron himself to see if you have hit the 1% die roll.

Here are a couple tips that might help you in your attempts for the mount.

  1. At level 80 you can avoid most of the mobs simply by skirting them and keeping your distance.  Here is one odd fact about classes that can stealth such as rogues and druids; The zombie mobs can detect stealth, and for some reason they will see you even though your level is greater.
  2. Once you enter the Slaughter Square where the abominations are go ahead and grab as many as you want.  Try to leave one near the door to the Slaughter house however.  Once all are dead pull him to the door with your back to the door.  As soon as he is dead get ready to move inside.  Kill Ramstein the Gorger, then the adds.  This saves time on the run, as well as keeps a nasty bug from keeping you from a chance.
  3. Once done with the run you can reset by quing for a random BG.  Run it for the honor, then exit the BG.  You will be standing at the door to dead side.  I like this method as a way to kill 2 birds with one stone.  Even if you enter a BG and /afk out you will more than likely run out the debuff by the time the next run is done.

Hope these tips help in your goal.  Might also take some time to chat in general while in the instance.  You will more than likely not be alone in the zone.

Good hunting.