First, I am a SLACKER! I just realized I neglected to post a coffee post yesterday. HOW CAN THAT BE? Did a tear in the time space continuum open up? Did my dog eat my coffee posts? (looks at Faithy sleeping on the floor, nope), did the anticipation of Friday on Thursday’s horizon blind me?

As Darth Vader never said. NoooooOOooOOooooooOoOooooooooo

I just spaced and blew it. Here is a cookie, or at least a Death Star shaped cookie jar.

scratches head Where does that leave us now? Oh yea!


My plans revolve around

  1. Job/work hunting (anyone need a logo/animation/video/website/blood? no wait, I am a wimp at giving blood!)
  2. More administrative work behind the scenes for Redeemed.
  3. Work on some AE Animations. Thinking about a new promo video using the Jedi Code :)
  4. Read G+ throughout the day.
  5. Scouring news sites for things to add to the TOR Hangout agenda for the 31st!
  6. Nap :)

So what are your plans?

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