Our favorite community manager, Stephen Reid, stopped by the official forums to announce:

Hello all. As I said before, it wasn’t such a trivial decision, which is why it took a while to make. However, we have good news: RP-PvP servers are going to be a part of Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Please note, the ‘RP’ part of the RP-PvP designation will be a suggested style of play, not a mandatory one. What that means is, if you feel someone isn’t roleplaying, reporting them to Customer Service will not ensure action on their account. We will also not be enforcing naming policies or similar.

For a game with a projected player base as high as The Old Republic, it’s simply not practical for CS to be watching over this. If you want to fully immerse yourself in roleplaying, we suggest you find a likeminded group or guild to do that with.


Great news for those who wish to immerse themselves in the deep story of the TOR universe but still think a PVE server would not be able to give them the enjoyment they desire.

Naming Policy

It is interesting to note that naming polices will not be enforced. Not sure if this is just for the RP-PvP servers or will also include the RP-PVE server sets.