How is that +Russell Schrader :) Sorry, I actually got about 45 minutes extra sleep! YEA!! The coffee is gooooood this morning. I do so love that first cup in the morning, and second, and third and more.

Last night we had a fantastic hangout! We are still working out the kinks since we don’t have the niffty tools to go “On Air” on a Google Hangout yet. We are not the 1% :) Must be a ubber tech celeb or make music that only 12 year olds listen to? Oops, was that out loud? :) But using other parts of online tech we are getting it done.

This morning finds me paying bills and trying to trim the fat. Not a lot to trim, but one has to do what one has to do right?

On top of that, its NOVEMBER! What a great time of year. I love the smell of a fall morning.

So what are you all up to? How is the interweb treating you?

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