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Friday Update: Warzones!

Game Systems Page

3 warzones at launch.

  • Voidstar - assault-style, Think Strand of the Ancients in Wow or Dustbowl in TFC/TF2
  • Hutball - Team based football. Think. well, Hutball. Interesting that wow is introducing a Murderball in MoP
  • Alderaan - Resource control. - Think Arathi Basin in wow.

This Week in the Plus Polls - Talk Points

  • Question Form.

  • From Dave: SITH RACE playable for the inquistor. Sounds like its official via The Republic. Stephen Reid broke the news. This goes against lead write Daniel Erickson’s wishes.

  • Background - The Sith Inquistor starts their story as a slave. For the Sith race to be a slave goes against the lore and well the story of the SWTOR itself.

  • Is anyone actually thinking about getting any of the hardware add-ons for swtor?





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