• Beta test signup pre 11/11? Your in!!! For a future beta test weekend (in the next few weeks). FAQ states ”we’re expecting this future weekend to be the last Beta Testing Weekend.”
  • Stress test Beta keys hitting gaming sites

David Bass says
Just a reminder that if you were a registered member of our website on or before November 11th, 2011, you will be invited to the future weekend test. Regardless of whether you received an email last week or not, please do not take beta keys off of any external websites if you are already a registered member of our site. Let’s leave them for the more needy, please.

Friday Update:

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  • No official SWTOR page on Google+…..yet ;-)
  • BW Activity on Google+
  • Guild Pages on G+Excitement and Letdowns
  • No NDA breaking

BioWare Dev G+ Pwnage Post of the Week - Server named Jar Jar…lol

Guild Pimpage