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Legacy System

Agenda and Questions

  • Character creation, how detailed is it?
  • Are there any race/class combo that intrigued testers more than others?
  • How was the game mechanics (example, no auto-attack)?
  • What has been shown, thus far, in regards to guilds?
  • In regards to the Legacy System, lore/RP question, so character A starts it, you give them the Legacy name of GroundCrawler, if then character B is rolled but you don’t want them to carry that name, are you forced to?
  • Talent trees, when can you start putting points in and how does it work.

Change to ability Queue (like WoW’s latency thingy) - GRR

Graphic Improvements in this build. - GRR

Was this the link Mike was excited about?

  • Guild
  • Guild Banks
  • Guild Interface

Steve L. - Ewok Sith Lords?

Corey Downing - How balanced are the different tanking roles? Are any better or worse than others? Any particular situations that highlight strengths and weaknesses?

What I’m trying to ask is, are all the tanks truly viable and equal in end-game or is BioWare blowing smoke?

Scott Kegg - Bioware has found a way to capture all of our attention this weekend without providing us with beta playing time. Devious. Possible tanking questions for you Mike. Did you tank at all with a Jedi Guardian? Did you get to tank on the Guardian enough to get comfortable with the mechanics and if so can you compare it to tanking in any other MMO? Do you see any issues with tanking that class so far? Any and all opinions and speculations on that class would be great.

Kat M - Is the Jawa sidekick as cool as bioware is trying to say he is? How much modification is allowed for sidekicks?

GaryR - The Jawas in general crack me up with the way they talk.

GaryR - Shared questing. The ability to pick from 3 different answers when responding to quest questions, and the ability to share these quest cut-scenes with others. These interactions lead to ‘Social Point’ which allow you to buy gear that is reserved for Social players.

GaryR - Player housing! It looks like we’ll be able to call our ship our ‘house’. You companions hang out there, there is a bank there, you can mod items there, and apparently you can visit other player’s ships. There is also the possibility of guild ships/space stations.

GaryR - No Macro language, no mods. Means no ‘Click to heal’ or ‘Hover Healing’

GaryR - Do the controls feel mushy to anyone else? At times I have to jam on an ability to get it to fire, much more so than in WoW, and my control set up is the same for both.

GaryR - Plays well on iMac 27" 2011 in Bootcamp, but not in VMWare.