Lots of discussion has been floating around Reddit, official forums and even some talk on G+ concerning the last patch that nerfed XP for Foundry quests. The reason Cryptic put in the nerf was to answer a small group of authors who chose to exploit the system and create maps that gave an advantage to the player while the mobs could not act as intended.

In other words: They created a lazy mans leveling map.

I wont get into the discussion here on the merits or pitfalls of this approach except to say this.  If map makers like this are continued to stay then Cryptic will have to lower XP more and more to make this approach not profitable for those who wish to be lazy. . The downside to this is if XP is to low for this to benefit the lazy players it will also become an avenue of progression that will not appeal to “normal” players. This means no one will be compelled to play User Created Content.

No XP = No Reason to play Foundry quests = Sad well intentioned authors.

That is why I am glad to see today’s patch notes. . XP is being raised back a bit. .

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